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Sunday, November 13, 2005

the works(from craftster)

this is when my poncho was on the needles, its off now but it still not done, only about half of it is done, its a seed-stitch in royal blue, it so slow but i really dont mind because this is like my first actul clothing knitting peojest and i'm super exited to finally FO it!

This is part of my homecoming dress, and i
LOVE it. i got the idea off craftster, and its
just a basic tube with a circle skirt attached,
i really work hard on this mostly because my
machine pooped out on me, everyone really
liked it and i was really happy with it!

I also have made a Mr.Dangley out of grey and white, he reminds me so much of my grey ans white cat, but i'll get pictures up later. He was a lot smaller than i thougt but i guess i just didnt look hard enough at the pattern and other pictures.

i have on of my most prized scarfs which is made for yarn that was supposed to be used for rugs, I just made a scarf! its a horizontal garter stitch in a row of orange, yellow and red. Its ubber long, i could've just made two different scarfs but i joined them together! i realy like but i have to wait for it to be REALLY REALLY cold because its so warm!

So these are just the few projects that I've gotten off of craftster(i'm obsessed) and finished, i would try and tell you what all i'm planing on doing but not many people want to spend that much time loking at a blog!


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